I’m an industrial design engineer with a passion for development, design and sustainability.

With the growing experience in development the products I make become more complex, but so does the question concerning our products in general. It’s becoming more and more easy to design, develop and make products with the increase of email, travelling and global trade.

However with the huge increase of new products the “old” products turn faster and faster into waste, even if they are not useless or broken. This pattern leads to a global problem of CO2, water pollution and plastic garbage.

With my broad experience of design and engineering I have written a book “sustainable product design”, which gives guidelines for deigners, engineers and developers how to make products with an optimized sustainability. To support this subject with relevant information I have initiated this website, which gives news, links and a blog of my findings on sustainale product design.

Please contact me on h.gutter@gmail.com

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